Sylvain Bellanger

3D Computer Graphics @ Novaquark Paris, France

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Hello traveler and welcome to my lair.

My name is Sylvain Bellanger and I’ve been a self-taught 3D artist for about 4 years now.
I’m originaly from France but I moved to Canada 5 years ago to fulfill a PhD in the obscure field of endocrinology.

However as this website suggests, my first passion is video game art and more specifically video game environments creation. My first teddy bear was actually a gameboy and I really love playing video games but unfortunately, games like Skyrim or GTA are just impossible for me to finish, unless endlessly staring at all the tiny environment details could lead to an alternative end…

For these reasons I’ve spent most of my free time to learn intensively 3D workflow to produce real time rendered assets over these past 4 years.

In the absence of real academical formation, my main learning materials are specialized websites such as 3D motive or the incredible polycount community, as well as several books from Ballistic editions for the inspiration. I also learned a lot from more specifics authors like Scott Spencer, Eric Keller or Paul Gaboury to improve my sculpting skills in Zbrush.

In addition, I must confess that I have a particular shameful fetish for commented video game art books. Since I am really curious about everything, it helps me to better understand the intentions behind the art direction of some incredible titles with strong artistic identity.

Beside 3D art, my main interests are science, photography, video games, cinema, history…


High / Lowpoly modeling Retopology UVs optimization Texturing Material creation PBR workflow Props modeling Realtime envrionment creation Good sens of modularity Lighting Good sens of color and composition


Autodesk Maya 3ds Max ZBrush Unreal Development Kit Photoshop xNormal Maya Turtle Plug-in nDo2 dDo Marmoset Toolbag 1/2 MeshLab RoadKill